… means Family People
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    ABOUT US: Weku means family in the Ga (a Ghanaian) language.  Wekumei means family people.

    Wekumei Enterprises Ltd is a 7-service company set up for the promotion of Africa and African people within the Diaspora.  We specialise in Promotions, Administration and Marketing; Event Organising and Management; Merchandising; Travel and Touring; Fitness; and Rentals.

    OUR ETHOS: We believe that the family is the most important part of society and have therefore looked at that importance and it has enabled us to offer holistic service provision.

    The Western world teaches of FAMILY TREES but our African tradition teaches us of FAMILY CIRCLES.  We see the head of the family as the neutron which requires a proton to make a nucleus.  This is even seen in the way our traditional homes are built, with the main house in the middle and outer houses around it within the family compound.

    Wekumei Enterprises Ltd (WEL) intend to build on these traditional principles to offer the services that meet demands in all aspects of society be it educationally, professionally, socially, spiritually or physically.

    Wekumei Enterprises Ltd… A job WEL Done!